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Identify Your Type with Jung Typology Test

This test is based on Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers typological approach to personality. When answering questions, please choose one of two possible answers you agree the most. If you are not sure how to answer then the decision should be based on your most typical reaction or feeling in the given situation. You will need to respond to all questions to get a reliable result.

Your answers should honest and indicate of what you are, not what you wish to be.

Press "Score It" button after you are done answering the questions. Upon completion, you will obtain:

  • Your type formula according to Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers typology
  • The description of your personality type
  • Jung Career Indicator™
  • You can use the type formula and strength of the preferences to assess online compatibility with your soulmate

Are energized by being with other people

Are energized by spending time alone


Like being the center of attention

Avoid being the center of attention


Act, then think

Think, then act


Tend to think out loud

Think things through inside their heads


Are easier to 'read' and know; share personally information freely

Are more private: prefer to share personal information with a select few


Talk more then listen

Listen more then talk


Communicate with enthusiasm

Keep their enthusiasm to themselves


Respond quickly: enjoy a fast pace

Respond after taking the time to think things through; enjoy a slower pace


Prefer breadth to depth

Prefer depth to breadth


Trust what is certain and concrete

Trust inspiration and inference


Like new ideas only if they have practical applications

Like new ideas and concepts for their own sake


Value realism and common sense

Value imagination and innovation


Like to use and hone established skills

Like to learn new skills; get bored easily after mastering skills


Tend to be specific and literal; give detailed descriptions

Tend to be general and figurative; use metaphors and analogies


Present information in a step-by-step manner

Present information through leaps, in roundabout manner


Are oriented to the present

Are oriented toward the future


Step back; apply impersonal analysis to problems

Step forward; consider effect of actions on others


Value logic, justice, and fairness; one standard for all

Value empathy and harmony; see the exception to the rule


Naturally see flaws and tend to be critical

Naturally like to please others; show appreciation easily


May be seen as heartless, insensitive, and uncaring

May be seen as overemotional, illogical, and weak


Consider it more important to be truthful then tactful

Consider it important to be tactful as well as truthful


Believe feelings are valid only if they are logical

Believe any feeling is valid, weather it make sense or not


Are motivated by a desire for achievement and accomplishment

Are motivated by a desire to be appreciated


Are happiest after decisions have been made

Are happiest leaving their options open


Have a 'work ethic' : work first, play later (if there is time)

Have a 'play ethic' : enjoy now, finish the job later (if there is time)


Set goals and work toward achieving them on time

Change goals as new information becomes available


Prefer knowing what they are getting into

Like adapting to new situations


Are product oriented (emphasis is on completing the task)

Are process oriented(emphasis is on how the task is completed)


Derive satisfaction from finishing projects

Derive satisfaction from starting projects


See time as a finite resource and take deadlines seriously

See time as a renewable resource and see deadlines as elastic

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